viernes, 15 de mayo de 2009

K**O en Friends & Family LDN!!!

FRIENDS AND FAMILY LONDON Ft. Daedelus LIVE, DJ Kaos (DFA, Berlin), DJ K**O (Plat du Jour, Barcelona), Roon & Kwasi for the VIBE!

Location: London
Venue: Cargo

Daedelus LIVE (Ninja Tune) On Stage 9PM

Eccentric billionaire Daedelus is straight form the 18th Century but playing beats and bass for the 21st. Some compare his work to Flying Lotus et al. But for those in the know; know how varied and eccentric his genre bashing beats are. He is all over the world right now for a reason. Bass heavy, exciting, fresh and straight up nuts!!

DJ Kaos (DFA, Berlin) - Disco Set

Legend DJ Kaos is huge on DFA, producing everything from Techno to Disco. Tonight we have an exclusive Disco set, expect deep grooves and mind bending bass lines.

K**O (Plat du Jour, Barcelona) - Bass to Disco Set

K**O (pronounced Kigo) is a bass legend in Barcelona and starting to tour the world with his own twists on Bmore, Bass and much more. His mixes on the Desparrame blog and Samurai FM have earned him huge respect in the global community. Tonight he provides the link between our two headliners.

Roon (Friends and Family, Manchester)

Kwasi for the vibe!

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funkforward dijo...

bass legend.


J Tila dijo...

daleeeees cañaaaaaa!!!


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