martes, 12 de enero de 2010

MIX: DJ2D2 "Insane Plane 2 Spain"

Ya está en la calle el nuevo mix de DJ2D2 para Mondayjazz a base exclusivamente de música Made in Spain:

"Most of the artists featured here are unsigned or with a very short career with some singles released here and there, some are really young and a lot of the tracks here are rough demo mixes. You can hear some rap in spanish and some in other languages like moroccan or english, an example of the potential of spanish producers that are collaborating with very talented artists from around the globe, like Quiroga's track wich was featured at the last Wildchild album on Fat Beats".

DESCARGA/DOWNLOAD: DJ2D2 "Insane Plane 2 Spain"

01. Take off: bRUNA - With Your Fingers / RAPHAEL - Touch Me/ PERET - Tócame Las Palmas
02. PEDRO ITURRALDE - Homenaje A Granados
03. RICKY A.K.A. - Jazz Sci-Fi
04. LOST TAPES - Deja que te explique
05. CHEN - Spread That (Shiny Dust)
06. NIÑO - Sólo Silencio
07. MWËSLEE - Un Joder Suave
08. QUIROGA - How We Do (Instrumental)
09. GUILLE XT - Fall In G
10. NOAIPRE - I Miss Ya
11. FATKUT & DON BIGG - Untitled
12. NERKO - I Die A Little
13. BEATSPOKE - Dig Deeper
14. TREMENDO - Futuro Presente
15. MATADOR ROCKERS - Mírame Mamá
16. TOTEKING - Introheroina (Rock The Box)
17. GUILLAMINO - Aha Santoor (Rough mix)
18. NIÑO - Untitled
19. CHACHO BRODAS - No Puede Ser (Trillville vs. JB)
20. EL CHAVO - Bravo ft. Dillon Maurer & Dj Dainja
21. CHACHO BRODAS - Siente Mi Funk
22. CHEN - Doin' Allright
23. BFLECHA - Ceja De Carnival (Rough mix)
24. DJ CODE - Post Data
25. Landing: OZNOH - Me Low

La crema de la crema vamos...

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