martes, 26 de mayo de 2009

OFF-SONAR 2009: Plat du Jour x Brainfeeder

Poco más que añadir al cartel...Va a ser LEGENDARIO.

De momento sólo tenemos la nota de prensa en inglish y dice asín:

Here in Barcelona the sun is shining, the beach is combed and the sexy beers are on ice... We've spent the winter months plotting and planning and we're all set for the summer takeover. For those of you who haven't already heard, this year Plat du Jour are hosting another essential off-Sonar party with a line-up so long you might not get in!

Sooo… Flying Lotus is hosting room one with ALL of his friends. His line-up is heavily under wraps. But trust us, whoever you’re thinking of (if they’re not dead or banned from Spain) is probably there. Answers on a postcard (preferably the ones with cats faces painted on boobies).

In room two we are holding our own. Plat du Jour is playing host and the line-up is heavy heavy... Jackmaster, Mumdance, Oneman & Brackles lead the charge and it aint just Brainfeeder with a few surprises. These crews roll deep.

Charge your glasses... pDj x

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5 comentarios:

HO$OI dijo...

el flyer del barÇa es mucho.

funkforward dijo...

joder al sónar este año no voy pero como tenga pasta la semana que viene me hago el viaje relámpago a esto FIJO.


galletismo dijo...

espero que GLK sude de la clausula de exclusividad y se presente repartiendo estopa a los malditos jipis como yo

K**O dijo...

creo que los jipis como tú podéis estar tranquilos...

galletismo dijo...